Video: Stephen Curry, Ayesha and the rest of the Curry clan are on fire at Beyonce & Jay Z OTR II concert

Stephen Curry, Ayesha Curry, lil sis Sydel Curry, mom Sonya Curry and papa Dell Curry are loving themselves some Beyoncé & Jay Z magic. The Curry fam attended Yoncé & Jay’s Auckland leg of the OTR II tour and needless to say there is no doubt the Currys are big time fans of the King & Queen that have got everybody going “Apeshit”.

We’ve made a compilation of Steph, Ayesha, Dell and Sydel lighting it up at the concert. Check it out below:

Did you attend any leg of the OTR II tour? What do you think of the Currys rapping & singing skills? We’d love to hear from you below:

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