Video: Snoop Dogg is totally hyped to have been chosen as one of the 23 by LeBron James

Snoop Dogg is so hyped that he received LeBron’s jersey as part of the “Chosen 23” batch that he “immediately started the show”.

It seems that these jerseys come imbued with some LeBron magic, because right after putting it on his dunks came to life. And his dunking skills are pretty hot!

We’re looking froward to see all 23 jersey recipients in a dunk-off contest to see if LeBron really is a wizard giving out magical jerseys. 

Who knows, maybe they are LeBron’s next Championship winning team. 🙂

Check out Snoop Dogg’s dunks in the clip below:

What would you do first thing if you had received a 23 Jersey? Also what do you think about Snoop’s dunking skills?

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