Video: Skip Bayless rips LeBron for taking a helicopter instead of travelling with the team

It’s no secret that Skip Bayless ranks high among the LeBron haters. This time he took to Instagram to criticise him for choosing to leave the arena via helicopter instead of returning with the rest of the team.

Now, Skip usually ranks on the extreme side of the spectrum when it comes to criticism addressed at LeBron and everything he does. However, we might be inclined to agree with his point of view here. Such moves make him look more like the “too-cool-to-ride-with-you” kid in high school, rather than the mentor figure he said he would be on this young team. Also, while LeBron definitely is the absolute superstar on the Lakers and obviously also within the league, let’s not forget that there is plenty of raw potential within the young Laker squad and such off-standish behaviour might alienate players such as Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, Ingram or Lance Stephenson.

And even if he is riding along with this Lakers squad until next year when he can add a few high caliber pieces to the line-up, let this year’s trade-upsets be a testament to the fact that nothing is set in stone and you’re always better off playing the hand that you already have than gambling on the next card.

Here’s what Skip had to say about LeBron’s decision to not travel with the team:

We’re really curious to hear what you have to say about LeBron’s decision and wether you think his attitude might hinder the current team from performing this season.

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