Video: Kyrie & Love are reunited … on opposite teams! Check out the Highlights of the Celtics – Cavs face-off

Finally we have a full Celtics roster with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayworth leading the team. Hopefully this will remain so so for the rest of the season, because we do love competition and we are really looking forward to see how things shape up in the East.

Also, we are quite intrigued to see how Tristan Thompson’ comments about their team being the “one to beat in the East” hold water.

Luckily this exhibition game is giving us a little taste for what’s to come. Check out the game highlights yourself and let us know what you think about the Cavs sans LeBron and the Celtics with Kyrie and Hayworth taking the spotlight off the rest of the team, who let’s face it last season really stepped up.

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