Steve Kerr waves the refs goodbye after getting ejected, tells them he didn’t want to be there anyway !

It may only be the preseason, but Steve Kerr was in playoff form during the Warriors game vs the Phoenix Suns.

Kerr got frustrated with several calls from the refs, especially on the offensive end, but what tipped the scale was an offensive foul called on a screen set by …… Stephen Curry.

He immediately ran onto the court knowing he would get ejected, then waived the refs goodbye and told them he didn’t want to be there anyway  😂

After the game, Kerr revealed he wanted to get ejected to send a message to the refs, and also told us where he actually wanted to be:

Kevon Looney couldn’t believe that Kerr beat Kevin Durant to the race for the first ejection this season:

But the bright side if you’re the Golden State Warriors is that DeMarcus Cousins has promised that he will get fewer technical fouls than Draymond Green this upcoming season. Of course, he will be playing fewer games due to his injury, but whatever:

You can checkout the full game highlights between the Golden State Warriors & the Phoenix Suns here:

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