Video: Kyrie Irving on Flat Earth: “I’m sorry for all the science teachers”

The Kyrie Irving Flat Earth Saga continues, but this time we think he might be shutting off the subject.

Kyrie gave a keynote address at the Forbes “30 Under 30” conference and evidently one of the first questions he was asked addressed his “Flat Earth” theories to which he responded:

“Hopefully after this, I’m done answering … you’re gonna ask me regardless … at the time I was huge into conspiracy theories, everybody has been there … like yo what’s going on with our world”.

And if you keep listening to his arguments, we must admit that we are tempted to side with him, not on the Flat Earth thing, but on the YouTube rabbit hole of videos that make you question everything. So, Swish definitely officially gives Kyrie a hall pass on this, especially because besides being incredibly candid about it he also took responsibility about the effect his opinions had.

“I’m sorry for all the science teachers … I’m sorry, I apologise”. Watch the entire clip below and listen to what else Kyrie has to say on this topic, but also on his plans with the Celtics:


What do you think of Kyrie’s answers? Let us know!

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