Video: Jimmy Butler explains what happened at Timberwolves practice !

Today’s MinnesotaTimberwolves practice will definitely go down in history !

After asking to be traded a few weeks ago, Jimmy Butler came to practice with his current teammates for the first time this pre-season, and it was a full show after that.

It has been reported that Butler cussed out the entire organisation, from players, to coaches and all the way to the GM.

Here is Jimmy Butler admitting that most of that is true and explaining what happened:

There were also reports Butler trolled the young stars on the team, Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, and he pretty much admitted to this as well:

Of course today’s events had Twitter going crazy with jokes, here’s some of the best:

Do you think there’s any chance that Butler will be there at the beginning of the season, or does this latest development make it ever more clear to Timberwolves management that they have to trade Butler asap ?

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