Video: Showdown between James Harden and Jimmer Fredette in preseason game

Jimmer Fredette is not playing in the NBA but after his latest outing, one would wonder why he isn’t. In a game pre-season between his team, the Shanghai Sharks and the Houston Rockets, where James Harden really brought out his A-game, Jimmer managed to score 41 points (on 40 shots, truth be told).

Just check out his stats below:

We particularly loved this guy’s tweet about Jimmer averaging more points that both Harden and Chris Paul:

Also, check out his game highlights in this clip:

And now let’s focus our attention to James Harden, who showed us why he is the league’s regular season MVP.

Check out Harden’s game highlights here:

Now, while Harden showed us his skills, he did bring back the focus on his possible uncalled travels. Watch the clip below to see the play everyone is talking about.

And now check it down broken down in stills and analysed move by move:

What do you think? Is he travelling again and getting away with it? Please let us know in the comments below:

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