DeMarcus Cousins just signed multiyear deal with Puma

Well, don’t feel sorry for Boogie having to take the minimum just to play on a team this season. We know many are forgetting this, just because he made the Warriors even harder to beat by signing with them, but dude is is making less than 192 other NBA players in the league … so let’s give him a break.

But wait … you might be able to hate on him now, because he apparently just signed a multiyear deal with Puma that will surely round up his finances quite well and make up for the major pay cut he took with the Warriors.

Nike, the brand he was affiliated with so far are allowed to match whatever he was offered by Puma. We’re looking forward to see if they find Boogie to be a valuable enough asset to keep endorsing.

What do you make of this? Do you think he will be good for Puma? Also, what do you make of Puma’s bid to make a play for the NBA?

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