On his morning show “Get Up” Jalen Rose had this to say about Anthony Davis who still has two years left on his contract with the New Orleans Pelicans: “I anticipate Anthony Davis is going to do the exact same thing [as Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler] to try to navigate himself to be in Los Angeles with LeBron James,”

Stephen A. Smith added another interesting dimension to the whole story however. While agreeing that there is no doubt that Davis wants out of New Orleans, he believes that the Lakers might have serious competition from the Golden State Warriors in their bid for Anthony Davis in the event of Kevin Durant leaving the team:

“He definitely wants out. He signed with Klutch Sports. Anthony Davis doesn’t want to be in New Orleans any longer.

“Whether it’s definitively the Los Angeles Lakers I’m not so sure.

“I would keep Golden State and Boston in the mix because Golden State isn’t sure what Kevin Durant is going to want to do and Boston obviously has the requisite pieces to put together to make sure they can get the player of the quality of an Anthony Davis.

“So I would put Golden State and Boston as possibilities alongside L.A. but there is no question that Anthony Davis, this will in all likelihood be his last season in New Orleans.”

What do you believe Swishers? Should Golden State make a play for Davis? Would he be a good fit on LeBron’s team?

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